Superior Finish Detailing-Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately no, however, we have a network of professional detailers that are equipped to handle these types of vehicles, and we are more than happy to refer one to you should you need a specialist in this area.

Yes, however, as you know many folks can spend up to 1/3 of their life commuting in their vehicle per year.  With the busy lives we have our vehicles at times can get a little rough, if you have multiple kids, our vehicles can sometimes get downright hammered.  You can rest assured, the while picture may be taken, names are not used.

Tips are appreciated, but certainly not expected.  We are “old school” and don’t believe that a person has to tip for every single thing they purchase. I.e. tipping for subway to make your sandwich. A referral, facebook review or Google review is a great way to show some appreciation and also assists us without marketing efforts.

For your convenience, we accept good ole cash, credit cards or PayPal to pay for your detail.   Company checks will be accepted upon advanced approval, however, in today’s age, we can not accept personal checks without advanced approval.  If paying by credit card, your tech will swipe your card after the completion of your detail, and will email you a receipt.

We sure do.  We offer a 10% discount to active military, law enforcement, firefighters or other first responders.  ID will be needed to verify you are one of the above, and can not be combined with any other offers.

Yes, gift certificates may be purchased for any service or dollar amount of your choice and may be used up to one year of its purchase.

Washing removes loose contaminants, dirt and grime. Detailing removes blemishes, oxidation and etching marks that are caused when contaminants penetrate the surface. Rub your hand across an upper surface. If it is rough, you need to detail your car. It prevents the paint and its clear coat from deteriorating.


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