1. When booking your appointment, please be sure to have a window of time available for us to complete your detail from start to finish. If we have to stop so you can run an errand and such, we have to stop, then re-start the entire process all over again. Detailing is completed in meticulous steps, and we need the full estimated time to complete the job 100%. If we determine we will need additional time to complete, we will let you know as we progress. We want you to get everything you paid for, and then some. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to achieve the desired result.
  2. We are a fully mobile service, please let us know if you do not have reasonable access to a water receptacle or electrical outlet. We do have a generator, and ability to haul water with us, but we find generators to be quite disruptive to both you and your neighbors. We have all the cords and hoses with us, no need to make arrangements for those.
  3. Please remove all items from the inside of the vehicle, including glove box, center console, and trunk. This helps us to get started on your vehicle when we arrive instead of going through the car to remove personal items. Also, please remove any child seats from your vehicle. We can remove them if we have to, however, we are unable to reinstall them for liability reasons.
  4. Please be sure to have at least ΒΌ tank of gas as we will be working on the interior and exterior of your vehicle, and will need to periodically start the vehicle to prevent battery drain due to dimmer lights being on during the duration of the detail. We do not disconnect batteries for liability reasons, if you choose to do that, that is perfectly fine.
  5. The day before your appointment, we will call, email, or text to confirm your appointment for the next day. We will also call, text or email when we are on our way to your appointment.
  6. When we arrive, we will do a walk around with you to address any current damage to the vehicle, heavy stains, or interior damage with you. We will note any damage on our vehicle inspection form, and you will sign that you agree to the damage noted on the form. This process is required. We cannot work on a vehicle if a responsible party is not there to do a walk around unless a damage waiver form is signed by the vehicle owner.
  7. Heavy dirt or contamination can also hide damage in the interior or exterior; we will note this on the inspection form you sign.
  8. Once we complete the detail, we will have you come outside to do a walk around to inspect our work, at that time, we will ask that you sign the job form to confirm that the detail you ordered was completed 100% and that you are satisfied, or more than satisfied with our work.
  9. Superior Finish Detailing was formed under the principles and standards that we will offer a superior product for a reasonable cost, our business thrives on referrals and recommendations more so than many other businesses. We legitimately care about the services we provide, and we value our reputation in the community. If at any time you are not satisfied with our service, please let us know immediately so we can correct it to your liking. This does not mean we will give a platinum detail for a silver detail price, but we guarantee you will get exactly what you ordered.
  10. Once we complete your detail payment in full is expected. We accept all major credit cards, cash, or PayPal. Sorry, no personal checks under any circumstance. Tips are appreciated, but not necessary. Referring us to friends, family, co-workers, liking our Facebook page, and sharing our company and services on Facebook mean much more to us than a monetary tip.
  11. If on the day of your appointment we have bad weather, we will contact you to see if you would like to reschedule. If you have a garage, we can still complete the detail if you wish.

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